September 30, 2020
New Capabilities in October

There’s constant change in the world of digital marketing and it’s important to stop and think about how new tools and capabilities can help you or your partners improve performance. 2020 has been no exception as Google and other companies have continued innovating to meet the increasing needs around digital commerce and the increased use of online services. Over the last quarter, we have invested in learning more about the new capabilities and product offerings across a variety of channels. Below are just a few of the new capabilities that might be worth exploring further, depending on your performance goals.

Google Expands Local Service Ads

Over the last month or so, Google has continued to invest into and expand their Local Service ads. If you aren’t familiar with these ads, check out our blog article for more information. This was initially rolled out across select markets but we’re now seeing this offering expand across new geographies. Additionally, as of September, Google has also updated the platform to offer a new bidding structure with auction-based pricing, versus a weekly or monthly budget. Overall, we have seen this ad format generate high visibility and perform well for our partners in the service industry, generating strong leads at an efficient cost per lead.

Organic Shopping Listings

Earlier this year, Google expanded their Shopping search results to unpaid organic listings. Paid shopping ads will continue to appear at the top and the organic results will appear in the middle and bottom sections of the page. This means that now Google Shopping products should be optimized with both paid and organic best practices to ensure you are getting as much visibility for your product listings as possible. There has been limited documentation available around the best way to optimize these listings for organic search, however we recommend starting by ensuring products are opted into “Surfaces by Google”, product details are uploaded properly in the Merchant Center, as well as ensuring titles, descriptions and product information is all SEO optimized. While this isn’t a completely new product offering, ensuring your products are optimized for organic search will be important heading into the holiday season.

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Over the last month or so, Pinterest has made some significant shifts in their platform capabilities. Over the summer they started testing “story pins” which allows creators to post full-screen photos and videos to their profile in a story format. While still in beta mode, this is now available to a larger audience along with new creator profiles which allows users to showcase their own content more prominently. Lastly, Pinterest has expanded their analytics to include conversion insights which allows businesses more insight into how their pins are driving revenue across different formats, sources, levels of attribution and even exact pins. All of the new capabilities and additional insights available through Pinterest analytics gives us a better understanding of what content is performing well and how to better align content with what the user is looking for. 

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As you know things move fast in the digital marketing world. It’s important to make sure to stay on top of the latest trends, tools, and platform capabilities to get the best possible results, especially in 2020! What are you interested in testing out?