August 4, 2020
Expanding Your Repertoire of Captions

Creating Intentional Social Media Content

Do you feel like you’re posting the same social media captions over and over? Has engagement gone down or stayed flat? Is creating content feeling more like a chore than a tool to engage with your audience? Whether you’re looking to expand into new service lines with Grit or considering partnering with us on social media, here are a few ways we strategize captions to drive engagement and cultivate a consistent brand voice.

Create Categories

Have you ever started writing a post and simply can’t think of anything to say? Keep content varied with content categories. For a business that is posting 2-3 times a week, we’d recommend having between 5-7 categories that social media posts will fall into. By creating posts based off of categories, you’ll have the ability to measure if engagement is correlated to the content. Here’s an example of what we might recommend for an eCommerce business.

Category 1: Product Highlight - feature a product with a “shop now” CTA

Category 2: Sales/Discount - advertise a new sale going on with a “shop now” CTA

Category 3: Email Support - post based off of recent email content with CTA

Category 4: Customer Content - repost photos that customers are tagging you in

Category 5: Holiday/Current Event - share a post to celebrate a holiday/current event

Category 6: Blog Content - highlight blog posts for customers with a “read more” CTA

Switch Up the Syntax

Whether you lean toward writing sentences or just a few words in your posts, play around with caption length, arrangement, and characters. This is a great way to expand or define a consistent voice as a brand. By being intentional with words, tone, and the structure of captions, you can bring your brand voice to life. This is the time to identify how you want your brand to be perceived by your target audience on social. 

While there’s no perfect formula to writing a social media caption, don’t be afraid to experiment and see what’s engaging to your audience. Here are a few ideas if you don’t know where to start:

  • Swap out a word for an emoji
  • Create a whole caption of only emojis
  • Write a caption with 3-5 words, add additional info with hashtags
  • Ask a question 
  • Make it informational 
  • Incorporate numbers and punctuation
  • Share partial information so your audience clicks to learn more
  • Create hashtags with your brand name and consistently use them

Planning = Consistency

Creativity doesn’t always happen at the spur of the moment. That’s why planning your social media content and captions at least 1-2 weeks in advance is imperative! Stuck on a caption? Come back to it later. Creating a social media content calendar will keep posting on schedule and posts intentional. Utilize content categories to switch up the types of posts and captions you plan. In the simplest form of planning, all you need is an Excel Sheet with the following columns: Dates, Post Category, Caption, and Image.

If your social media content on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn is feeling a little stale, honing in on captions is just one of the many different ways to refresh. With these 3 methods, planning captions will not only create consistent branding, but could even drive new visitors to your website.

Shake up your content and re-engage your audience!